Language of the Birds

This moment “at home” as
large-scale dream incubation

A call for the dreamers 🌷
An open invitation to listen together to the fresh dream rising in this time of Lockdown.
A collective dreaming invitation
opening 22nd April with public dream incubations on the
🌞 S O L S T I C E & 🌓 E Q U I N O X
Dream ritual suggestions in audio inviteIn this moment of transition, we are feeling lines of connection, healing and possibility across the living diversity of our dream spaces.Let’s tend the creative seeds. Let's ask loving relations and deep imagination to lead the way. Let's open to collective inspiration.Dream deep,
Kate A, Kate G, Paola
+ We have a new website at ✨
Visit for up to date info on meetings.
+ Solstice & Equinox - collective dream sessions on Zoom
+ Sundays at 4pm BST - ongoing open meetings for dream sharing
+ audio messages of dream reports can be left on the anonymous dreamline or via an online form
RSVP for password to meeting roomDreaming with the seasons
+ Winter Solstice Dream Tending - 20.00 - 21.00pm GMT Mon 21st DECEMBER
+ Winter Solstice Dream Incubation - 19:00 - 19.45 GMT SUN 20th DECEMBER
+ Equinox Dream Tending - 9.00 - 10.00am BST Tues 22nd SEPTEMBER
+ Equinox Dream Incubation - 19:00 - 19.45 BST Mon 21ST SEPTEMBER
+ Solstice Dream Tending - 9.00 - 10.00am BST SUN 21st JUNE 2020
+ Solstice Dream Incubation - 17:00 - 17.45 BST SAT 20TH JUNE
Image: Kate Genevieve, "Salvage 27", 2019